All Day Ethiopian Coffee!

I have tried 3 Ethiopian coffee’s today so far (extremely caffeinated right now!). All of them were from the Sidamo region in Eastern Ethiopia,  Here’s a quick evaluation:

Guji | Natural Process | Beehive Pour Over | Roaster: Cellar Door

-This coffee was delicious. It had pleasant notes of jasmine, chocolate, honey, and I’m not kidding… wasabi. I tasted a bit of a smokey linger that reminded me of wasabi. Great cup in the morning.

Chilcho | Natural Process | Chemex | Roaster: Water Avenue

-Man Oh Man, if you have a chance to try this coffee, be prepared for an explosion of baked blueberry pie. I tasted a bit of higher range citrusy notes up front, blueberry prevalent throughout, juicy mouthfeel, beautiful roast profile, perfection. Dry process is risky but amazing when done right! Did this one at home with 28g to 450g ratio and about a 4 minute total brew time.

Yukro Gera | Wet-Process |  Aeropress | Roaster: Heart

-This coffee has been delicious time and time again. I’ve had it by several different roasters including Sightglass and Stumptown and really appreciate Heart’s approach on more of a tea-like roast profile. It’s characterized by notes of lemonade, bergamot and  strawberry with some sweetness and absolutly NO BITTERNESS. It had a wild juicy mouthfeel with citrus popping through like a nice glass of lemonade. Really enjoyed this coffee. Especially since it was prepared by national aeropress champions.

Guji – Cellar Door

Cellar Door

Chemex – Home Brew


30 sec pre inf. – 4:00 Brew time






Chilcho – Water Ave (So good!)