Stumptown Coffee Rumors Answered!

I had heard a couple rumors about Stumptown Coffee recently that I needed answered. And to do that, I went to none other than Stumptown on 12th Ave in Seattle. I walked through the cafe and down the stairs into the roastery and training facility and ran into one of the trainers and asked her these questions.
1. I heard that stumptown was actually started in Seattle and not Portland, is this true?
-She simply answered, no. Stumptown began in the Division Street location in Portland.
2. Has the company been sold?
-the answer she gave me was, Yes. An investing company called TSG invested money into the company just because the expansion that has so obviously happened in the last couple years demanded more money. Now, this does not mean that TSG want to change anything about the company and alter things. Duane Sorenson, the owner of Stumptown even told the media clearly “I still own Stumptown.”
3. Can quality continue to be maintained with this expansion? (Less of a rumor than a personal curiosity.)
-She very confidently explained quality is number one with this company and it starts with the green coffee and continues with an emphasis in barista training.
Stumptown leads the industry in Direct Trade green coffee sourcing and it will continue to happen no matter how many cafes they erect. She continued, “what I do Is crucial:training baristas and everyday coffee drinkers to handle coffee with care and know-how.” It’s starts with amazing green coffee and ends with handling it well.

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