Northwest Coffee Tour: First Stop

Me and a buddy are heading up the coast to Seattle to see a friend and figured we would make it a coffee tour. First stop is Milstead & Co.

What we ordered:

Debello Ethiopia | Aeropress | Roaster: Intelligentsia

-I picked this coffee out of three choices because I was craving intelligentsia. I used to have Intelli coffee at least twice a month when I was in Santa Barbara, but haven’t had any since moving to Portland. Let me tell you, Intelli is always progressing and making better coffee. This coffee on the aeropress (which really illuminates body), is wonderful. It has graceful notes of acidic fruit (lime) and stone fruit, plum and cherry. Heavy, syrupy body. Wonderful coffee all around. And even better in a shop like this.

Cafe Evaluation:

I had heard a couple things about Milstead and knew I had to go to see what it is all about. I walked in and said to my buddy (this place is legit). You step through the two glass doors into a large room with the sound of Saturday morning chatter over lattes and steam wands spraying away. The room is lit by huge orb style lights hanging down from the high sealing creating a nice atmosphere (not to dark, not to bright). The walls are painted gray until about ten feet up it turns to white. The coffee bar had wonderful multi-colored wood and marble countertops. The baristas are crazy nice, ready to explain coffee’s and help you choose your beverage. The music was barely audible, which I actually didn’t mind. And the vibe in that place was awesome. Such a sweet place, I totally recommend it for anyone in the Seattle area, specifically Fremont.          




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